Pioneering Organisational Development with Artificial Intelligence

DNAnalytics is a new subsidiary of DNA Management Consulting which combines extensive experience in international Management Consulting with in-depth expertise in Data Science.

We are pioneers of Organisational Development solutions with newest AI tools. Our concepts and custom-designed solutions supported by AI algorithms will drive your next level transformation.

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Vision & Values

We meet current challenges with a smart combination of experience, common sense and technology.

With Organisational Development complemented by AI-technology we create better solutions to the challenges facing your organisation and we offer you new ways of strategy design and implementation.

With DNAnalytics solutions you can pioneer a new approach to Organisational Development in a transparent manner. The approach ensures added value for all involved. Credibility and knowledge lead to more acceptance of technology in your company.

Protection of privacy is one of the highest values in human-centered AI, to which we are fully committed.

The Challenges

Future Viability

Exponential futures require new thinking.

Information and refection are the key success factors. Highly aligned and agile networks win over hierarchical structures. Trust is the primary workforce enabler. Transparency creates joint and open mindsets.

Let us inspire you with the new possibilities for managerial thinking boosted by AI.

Collective Intelligence

Transformation is the byword of our time.

Confronted with increasing complexity of information and expectations in your leadership role, we will make the difference. Your success depends on thinking and acting of your key resource, your people. The ability to utilise the organisation´s Collective Intelligence determines the outcome.

You better...
Be fast
Be involving
Ask the right questions
Analyze answers intelligently
Make timely decisions
Communicate transparently
Whatever your challenge might be...
The next innovation ideas to focus on
The need to increase the acceptance of the new strategy
The engagement blockers which need to be tackled
The best way to transform
DNAnalytics provides solutions. Fast, human-centered and AI-supported.

Organisational Development Solutions
accelerated by Technology

Do something great!

Interdisciplinary thinking is key to understanding organisational cultures. That is our creed.

We offer support founded on longtime experience in international transformation processes sharpened with cutting-edge AI technologies like Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing. Similarity Clustering, Sentiment Analysis.

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DNA Transformation Cycle powered by AI

Tailor-made solutions powered by artificial intelligence:

  • Benefit from a structured transformation roadmap: the DNA transformation cycle
  • DNAnalytics’ AI tools create value in four phases:
    • 1. Analysis
    • 2. Strategy
    • 3. Transformation
    • 4. Evaluation
  • Effective and efficient transformation ensured by Customized Algorithm technology

Meet the core team:

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Joachim Döninghaus

Executive Strategy Adviser

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About me

Joachim is a senior management consultant in the field of international development co-operation, leadership development and strategy consulting. He brings a corporate background with profound process knowledge and 25 + years of international experience to the table. He holds diplomas in Educational Science and Psychology. Joachim is a founder of several consulting firms.

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Thomas Geyer

AI Evangelists

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About me

Thomas is a proven expert in AI technologies and has successfully advised and implemented AI based methodologies in several international enterprise environments. He has an extensive entrepreneurial background in IT technologies and a proven three decade track record in C-Level advisory services. Thomas proved himself to be both a passionate advisor and tech specialist.

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Klaus Neureuther

Executive Adviser

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About me

Klaus is an experienced Global Supply Chain Manufacturing Vice President and Top-HR Executive, who successfully led and re-engineered a European manufacturing region. Other industry experience so far: FMCG, medical sector, e-commerce, restructuring advisory, Financial Services. He holds diplomas in Psychology and Economics. He is seen as a top-class expert advisor for complex transformation.

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Our team is complemented by first class AI experts and Enterprise IT Architects, mainly based in Germany.